Ophelia's Muse is a zine of erotic tragedies, erotica, psychological horror, sad stories, sexy poetry, sad songs.
"Lamia" by John William Waterhouse (1909)

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Do you, my friend, love a good cry, a sad song, a torrid tale gone awry? Take my hand and dare to dream, to wallow in the loss of lovers gone astray, of loves and lusts lost and buried, of scorned women and men, neglected hearts, miseries of the soul... 

Follow me to Ophelia's Muse where hearts do not mend, and broken dreams hang in infinite mourning. Let your fears and tears flow in the shallow waters of Ophelia's self-made grave. 

Abandon yourself and find her Muse within you. 

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Ophelia's Muse
A Tiny Webzine of Erotic Tragedies
Published Anually
Conceived & Edited by
Jamie Joy Gatto  of  Mind Caviar

~ New Issue Inside October 2003 ~


Ophelia’s Song 

by William Shakespeare (1564-1616) 
He is dead and gone, lady, 
  He is dead and gone; 
At his head a grass-green turf, 
  At his heels a stone. 

White his shroud as the mountain snow, 
  Larded with sweet flowers, 
Which bewept to the grave did go 
  With true-love showers. 


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